How to Get a Bigger Dick: Expert guide to different methods, treatments to make penis bigger, get stronger erections & enjoy spicy sex

Which is the best method for getting a bigger penis and stronger erection? Learn the difference between penis extenders, penis enlargement pills, cock pumps, extension aids, enhancement creams and surgery in this guide.

How to Get a Bigger Penis

The demand for penis enlarger products has never been greater than it is today, as men who aren’t happy with the size of their penises are turning to these products for relief.

But is it really possible to increase the length of your penis?

If so, how is it done?

Read on to find out what options are available.

The Importance of Penis to Men. Why Do Men Care So Much About This Organ?

Why Do Most Men Prefer BIGGER Penis and Desire to Make It Bigger, Fatter, Stronger and Long Lasting?

It’s not hard to imagine why a lot of us, men want to buy an aid or enhancement, be it penis stretcher online, pills, creams or even considering surgical procedure to help us boost our erection power, or add few more inches to penile length or girth.

On one hand, men who undergo prostate surgery may end up with a shorter penis.

A study conducted by urologist Mark S. Soloway, MD, and reported on WebMD notes that the surgery can reduce the length of a man’s penis by up to 15%.

But there are also cases of men who just want a longer penis.

A study published in the British Journal of Urology International says the average male penis is 5.16 inches when erect and 3 inches when flaccid. But what if you want a longer, bigger and fatter cock?

Now look below, let’s discuss some popular methods that has been employed by millions of men for many years now. Please read carefully, discover which is BEST for you.

Can You Get Huge Cock with Penis Exercises?

If you don’t want to use a penis traction device or pumps, but still want a longer dick you can try the following exercises.

  • The Basic Stretch:

Grab the head of your penis, but don’t hold too tight the blood flow is cut off. Just hold it tight but without feeling any discomfort.

Stretch your penis and hold that position for 10 seconds to half a minute.

Release, relax and repeat. Do this for 10 minutes a day. Again make sure you don’t feel any pain while your penis is being stretched.

  • Thumb Stretcher:

Hold the tip of your penis. Hold it firmly but without cutting off the blood flow or feeling uncomfortable. Put the thumb of your other hand onto base of your cock.

Start pulling until you feel a stretch and hold for 15 seconds. Release, rest and repeat. Do this twice a day for 2 and half minutes and after a couple of weeks, increase duration to 5 minutes.

While this method takes time, it can be an effective complement to sex pills.

  • The Backwards Technique:

This method is for advanced users and must be followed closely. Using your thumbs, pull your penis’ skin towards you.

Place the fingers of your other hand on the base of your penis and hold this position firmly for 10 seconds. Take a break and repeat until you’ve done 5 minutes worth of stretching. Tip: don’t pull too hard.

  • The Opposite Pull:

First off your penis must be flaccid. Next, hold the tip of your penis with your right hand. Put your left hand at the base, and pull both hands at the same time in opposite directions.

  • Kegels:

You cannot discuss sex tablets or other methods for getting a bigger penis without running into Kegel exercises. While Kegel is mostly identified with women’s health, these can also help guys who want a larger dick.

All you have to do is look for the Pubococcygeus (PC) muscle in your penis. You can find this stopping your urine. Once you’ve found it, contract this muscle 30 times a day and once you’re used to it, increase the number of contractions.

  • Jelqing Method:

Some say this method is almost as popular as the sex tablet as it’s proven to be effective, so it’s worth trying out. Start by lubricating your penis then form an OK sign with your right hand.

Hold your penis with this hand, draw your hand up from the shaft to the head. Switch with your left hand and repeat the stroking movement.

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How to Get a Bigger Penis with Surgery

Penis Surgery
How to make your penis bigger: Can surgery answer your prayers?

If you have lots dollars (or pounds sterling) to burn or hate popping sexpill or attaching device to your penile region, maybe penile surgery is what you’re looking for?

However I need to warn you that vast majority of men returned from the Doctors operation room, seriously unsatisfied.

WHY? Because even in cases where there were no damage to penile function, the guys soon discover that the procedure has altered the erection position, downward.

Now let’s discuss few surgical methods Doctors often employed:

>> During the surgical process, fat is taken from the love handles and put inside the penis, increasing its length and girth much more quickly than the combination of the best sex pill and exercises or even device can deliver.

>> Another method used is the ligament release wherein the penis’ suspensory ligaments are loosened, freeing your cock from the pubic bone and increasing the length.

Some Drawbacks of male enhancement surgery

While surgery can be effective, there are several drawbacks.

If you’d been studying how to increase penis size from surgical websites, you’ll learn that it will cost anywhere from $3500 to $10000, well beyond the reach of most men.

Second, there’s no guarantee the surgery will work. There is no guarantee it will deliver exactly what it promises, or that the gain will last without future complications.

In the case of ligament release for instance, while it’s true your penis can be stretched, your erection will tend incline downwards and could affect performance.

But more than that, if you study cases of thousands of men who’d gone under surgeons knife, you’re going to read stories of botched procedures.

However, according to plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Stubbs, says there are fly by night penis lengthening medical facilities in the US, and he recounts the case of a Canadian who underwent penile enlargement surgery.

The operation did not go well and the man was unable to have sex for five years, and this is just one case.

How to Get a Bigger Cock with Penis Pump

If you want to learn successful method of make your dick bigger and stronger, without the huge cost or high risk factors of penile surgery, you need to familiarize yourself with cock or penis pumps.

These are among the oldest known penis enhancers and they’re among the most popular as well because time and again have proven their efficiency.

Penis AnatomyUnlike other treatments, penis pumps are backed by scientific evidence and operate according to sound principles.

Scientists have established that blood flow is necessary for an erection, as pointed out here, and that is how these penis pumps work.

What these cock extensions do is work on the area of your penis known as the Corpora Cavernosa.

The Corpora Cavernosa is a tissue that fills with blood when you get an erection, so the more blood goes into your penis the harder it gets.

That’s essentially what a penis pump does, stimulate blood flow into your penis so your erection will be larger and thicker than before.

Although several devices have been manufactured in the past, many guys while researching how to get a big dick usually prefer pumps for several reasons.

For one thing, these pumps are easy to use and in many cases hands free. Second, they’re comfortable even if you have to put a penis ring on once you’ve had an erection.

And speaking of usage, there are few methods that increase size of penis as easily as this.

You just put your penis inside and let the pump do the work. After a few pumps your penis will harden and you can stop, or wait a few minutes and pump some more to make it bigger.

Also if you want to increase penile size naturally these pumps are a good option. They are widely available, plus they operate on sound scientific and medical principles.

However, you need to understand that pumps don’t produce permanent penis increases overnight.

The first few times you use it, your erection will be harder and longer, but you have to use the premium and sophisticated models designed for penile enlargement to see permanent gains of up to 1-3 extra inches.

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Finally, there are a lot of penis pumps being sold, and you’ve got to spend some time going over each one to find out what works best for you. Click here to read “Comparison of the 3 Major Categories Of Penis Pumps”

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How to Get a Big Dick with Sex Pill and Tablets: Exposing penile lengthening tablets, sperm boosting, libido and harder supplements

Pills for sex are very popular with men and that’s to be expected: whereas penis exercises require a lot of work, you just take these pills and they’ll do the rest.

However, not all enhancement pills produce the same results and some are more effective than others, which makes it imperative for you to do more research.

For instance, some dick pills like VigRX Plus and Male Extra bring about permanent increases to your penis’ length, unlike those of other pills.

Sex PillIf you’re going to use a pill, read the product description on the website so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting. Aside from increasing penile length, will it increase the girth as well?


Shocking TRUTH: No penis sexual pill can ever permanently enlarge male penis on its own. Only some expensive, premium brands such as Male Extra or VigRxplus are designed to achieve such mileage if they’re combine with exercises. No wonder the manufacturers bundled the package with easy-to-use exercises.


Aside from lengthening your penis, check if the pill improves the quality of your erection (i.e., makes it harder and last longer).

Sperm / Orgasm Pills

There are sexual enhancement pills designed to increase sperm count and lead to more intense orgasms for men. And if you’re going to take one of these pills, it’s imperative you understand how they work so you do not get caught up in the marketing hype.

There are as many types of pills as there are penis extensions. Some pills don’t even provide permanent erections and you’ll have to pay more for the premium brand.

Among the most reliable are those classified as PDE-5 (Phosphodiesterase type 5) inhibitors such as Vardenafil, Tadalafil and Sildenafil.

These pills don’t lead to sexual arousal, and you must be sexually aroused before the pill takes effect.

When you’re sexually stimulated, nitric oxide is released by your penis’ erectile tissue, and this produces the messenger cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP), which is responsible for muscle cell smoothing.

What these pills do is enhance cGMP so blood flows smoothly in your penis. The smoother the blood flow, the longer and harder your erection gets.

Aside from hardening your erection, these pills can also increase the length, but again it will depend on what type you’re taking.

Due to the nature of these pills, you can only take them after consulting with your doctor to ensure there will be no side effects.

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Penis Extension Aids and Penile Extender Device

Many penis extender before and after images show ample evidence that the product works, and while there are literally hundreds of variants, the basic concept hasn’t changed.

PENIS EXTENSION - Penis Extension (White)2
Penis Extension Aid: Use to achieve longer erections and more pleasurable sex for her. Learn more about Penile Extension and how they’re different than Extenders. CLICK here…

There will always be a couple of joints, one at the base of your cock and the other around the glans, and there will be rods that extend the device.

These rods are extendable and it is what stretches your penis.

The difference in these dick enlargement products is the manner by which these rods are extended as well the padding included with the device.

To use an extender, hook up one of the extender’s sides on the cradle so the device stays in place: you usually don’t attach the strap on the side of your dominant hand.

Next, hold your penis under the head and pull the head in the cradle. Slide the strap over your cock and secure the straps.

The fit should be tight enough your glans don’t come off, but not too tight it gets uncomfortable.

So do penis extender actually work?

YES! They do, and you can determine this by adjusting the tension rods until there’s a stretch.

Keep stretching but not to the point it feels uncomfortable. Some would recommend applying a bit of heat to the penis to stimulate blood flow, but that’s optional.

Knowing how a cock extension works is one thing, but is there any scientific evidence to prove it? The answer is yes, there is evidence, first published in the March issue of the journal BJU International and also on live science.

According to the study, penis stretches or traction devices provide a safe and effective way to increase penis length.

The research was conducted at the San Giovanni Battista Hospital in Turin, Italy.

There were 15 volunteers and they were instructed to use an extender for six months according to the instructions given on the product.

After the testing period was over, the doctors checked the results and all the men reported significant increases in length and girth.

This isn’t the only study to provide evidence that penile extenders work, as there other clinical studies that support the findings at Turin.

What these studies show is that these extenders and pumps do work, albeit it takes some time. Since these studies were published, other types of extenders have been developed that produce even better results in less time.

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Lubricants, Creams

Dick extension creams and lubricants contain ingredients that increase penis length and width and according to manufacturers these also prevent premature ejaculation.

There are many brands and  you’re bound to come across 100s types, but they basically claim to offer SAME benefit. The cream or lotion permeates the skin and enters the Corpus Cavernosum, stimulating blood flow and leading to a longer and harder erection.

To apply, wrap a damp cloth on your cock for a couple of minutes, remove the cloth and dry your penis. Apply the lotion or cream (amount will be specified on the product) and massage on your penis.

Leave the solution there for 5 minutes and wash away with soap and water. After a few weeks you should notice a difference in your penis’ length and girth.

Just like with pills it’s going to take time before you notice anything significant, and you also have to look at the ingredients in each cream / lotion before using it.

Our Findings and Recommendation:

Most of the products are copycats and fly by night stuff, merely collecting money from ignorant and desperate men looking for quickest solution how to get a bigger penis to enhance and spice up their sexual lives.

We discover that no penis cream or liquid (commonly called topical solution) can permanently ENLARGE penis length and girth the way penis extenders and penile vacuum pumps does.

However, there are few top brands such as VigRx Oil and Maxoderm that delivers quick and INSTANT erection on demand.

Please note: Even the best of topical male enhancement creams are specifically designed to enable bigger and long lasting erection within a few seconds to 1 minute – but do not add extra inches. They can help fight ed most due to stress, fatigue and low sexual desire.

VigRx Oil ReviewHere is why you may consider VigRx Oil topical male enhancement solution: You hate popping pills and really desire instant erections to 'wake up' your libido and create some powerful erections.

A little application, directly on your penis, goes to work IMMEDIATELY (within few seconds to 60 minutes) to engorge your penis for a long lasting, intense sexual intercourse. Most users also applied it to fight mild erection dysfunction and those who can't last long enough use it to experience much desired pleasure for her.

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ProSolution GELAfter testing, we discovered that Pro-Solution Gel isn't much difference from VigRx Oil as they deliver same powerful INSTANT results. Not as old as VigRx Oil in the market, Pro-Solution Gel deliver even more benefits such as:
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b) Staying power for longer sexual pleasures;
c) Extreme orgasms for you and HER;
d) Rock harder and stronger member.

More good news is that formulation is 100% NATURAL and miles ahead of any drug store lubes that may cause some irritations.

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Comparing the Three Most Popular Penile Enhancement: Penis extenders… Surgeries… Penis Pumps 

When you ask the question do penis extenders work? – it inevitably brings up the matter of which is the best option among the three: penis pumps, extenders or surgery.

We discovered that most expressing inner thoughts and secret desire (e.g. I want a bigger penis or how do I get a bigger penis always?) have no doubt considered these three very popular options.

Fastest Results, Huge Risks

To start with, undergoing surgery for the enlargement of penis is the quickest method, and it’s ideal if you’re looking for quick results.

Unlike the other techniques given here you don’t have to wait weeks or months to see the changes. However you need to shell out a lot of money, $3000 at least and more likely up to $10000, and that doesn’t even take into account the potential side effects that have been outlined above.

Slower Results, Safe and Guaranteed

Because of the cost and risks involved, it’s much better to go with a penile extender or a vacuum pump.

You really cannot go wrong with any of these two devices because as has been pointed out in this guide, pumps and extenders have been scientifically vindicated so you can feel more confident about the way they work.

Some guys will prefer an extender while others will suggest a pump, but in the end only you can make the right decision.

Fortunately it isn’t that hard to make a decision: all you have to do is take a look at the various pumps and extenders online and compare their features.

Check the specifications, how they work, customer reviews and price. By taking this approach you’re going to have a better chance of figuring out which is the most ideal for your situation.

There is no lacking in cock enlargement devices today so there’s no reason for you to put up with a short penis. With the Internet it’s also much easier to find what you’re looking for and compare these products.

Whereas before you could only suffer in silence or have to tell your doctor about your embarrassing condition, you can now use an extender or a pump to increase the length of your penis and gain confidence and self-esteem.

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