Cock Extension: What It Means, Comparing Dick Extension with Advanced Penile Devices

Learn how penis extensions work, what types are available and how they compare with extenders.

If you look up penis extensions on the web you’re going to find a lot of stuff being sold online, and that is indicative of just how many men want to get a bigger penis and become a much better lover that can easily WAOH your partner.

While it’s easy enough to find and buy online, deciding what to purchase can be difficult if you don’t know what they can do, so knowing the facts will be essential.

What are Penis or Cock Extension?

A penis extension is just that, a small enhancement or device that is worn externally on the precious mojo to make it bigger during intercourse.

The fact is a lot of men are insecure about the length of their penis, and even those who posses more than average manhood are also obsessed with bigger stick, as much as the guys with smaller thing down there!

That’s what these products are for, and even if you don’t know how to make penis longer you can just use these.

These products have different features, with the most basic simply keeping blood in your penis so your erections remain intact.

Others are more complex and have special features that will prevent premature ejaculation, make your penis longer and thicker and lead to a more satisfying sexual experience.

Of course if you want to know how to get harder erections it would be better if you understand how they work.

Types of Extension and How They Work

If you desire to know how to maintain an erection, then understanding how penis extensions work may really help help you.

The way these products work varies and knowing the different types is going to make them easier to comprehend.

  • Cock Rings:

Penis rings increase your penis’ length by restricting blood flow, trapping them in your penis, allowing you to sustain larger erections.

Cock rings can be used not just to increase penis length but girth as well. In addition these rings are effective in terms of preventing premature ejaculation.

A lot of these cock rings also have pleasure ticklers and bullet vibrators that stimulate the clitoris, increasing her pleasure.

  • Longer Penis Without Pills:

If you are searching for how to make your dick bigger without pills you will come across different types of penis enhancers or extensions…

…but the most basic is a device that you attach to the tip of your penis, adding 2 to 4 inches to your penis’ length. With a longer penis, you will be able to penetrate more deeply and have more satisfying sex.

  • The Penis Sleeve:

Here is another type of extension, but instead of increasing length, it increases girth. There are many types of penis sleeves, but the most common design is similar to a cock ring or condom, except that it is much larger.

Most of these sleeves add an inch or two to your penis’ thickness, and like traditional cock rings, have features that stimulate the clitoris and vagina so sex is more pleasurable.

If you want a bigger penis then there’s no question you should look at these extension aids. They’re widely available and come in different styles, with some very realistic and others placing more emphasis on increasing length, girth or both.

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More Advanced Dick Extension and How They’re Different From The Basic Types

If you been studying various form of penis enhancement products in magazines and on the web, one of the things you will notice is that many of these cock extensions have basic functions, and for some guys that will suffice.

But the truth is apart from the basic cock extension there are a growing number of advanced extensions available as well…

For instance, some of the more sophisticated penis length devices have unique features that allow you to enjoy sex even more than usual.

One of the more common complaints with regular penis extenders is they don’t look or feel real, but with the newer extensions the material is more lifelike.

So if your ultimate desire is how to make your penis bigger without pills and ready to enjoy sexual benefits and have few dollars more to shell out, then the premium extensions may answer your prayers.

Plus – it become more important when you realized that the most common complaint of the basic product that they come off quickly during intense sexual activities, and that can be a real downer – has been fully addressed in the premium grades.

Yes, the more advanced cock extensions are designed to grip to your penis so it won’t come off even during the most intense lovemaking sessions.

Regular extensions can only be used by certain guys, but the more advanced models can handle regular sized penises to longer ones up to 7 inches or more.

Furthermore you don’t have to mess with harnesses or straps. These sophisticated extensions can also be customized to meet your penile stretching needs so it fits just right.

Another one of the problems with regular extensions is they have limited usage, whereas these are more than capable of being used in different ways.

It’s true that these dick extensions are more expensive than the ordinary models, but there’s a reason for that as they are more versatile and can be used in foreplay, solo action and other ways.

For instance, it’s not uncommon for these to be used as vibrators to heighten the pleasure of your partner.

Comparing Cock Extensions vs Penile Extenders

Sizegenetics really worksIf you are doing research and want to know how to get a harder erection one of the first things you would have learned is that extensions and extenders are often used interchangeably, but that should not be the case since they are different.

As was pointed out above, penile extensions are applied over your manhood to increase its length by a few inches, or you can use it to increase the girth during intercourse.

But while you can get a large cock to bang off your partner and last longer, it is not the way extenders work.

There are many kinds of extenders, but most of them work directly on your penis to increase its length and girth naturally — andpermanently!

To better understand how extenders work, you can use the analogy of a bodybuilder…

…muscles are built via protein synthesis: when you lift heavy weights, your muscle tissues are torn, and your body repairs them while adding more to deal with the increased weight.

This process leads to bigger muscles, and that is basically what happens with a penile extender.

When you put the device on, your penis, in particular the Corpora Cavernosa (the portion of your cock where blood is stored) gets stretched but without causing pain.

As it gets stretched, your cells will fix the tears by adding new cells, increasing its length and girth.

This not only leads to greater penis stretches but you will also have more powerful orgasms and prevent premature ejaculation, giving you the opportunity to have longer, more satisfying sex.

This does not happen overnight of course, but if you persevere and follow the instructions as indicated, you’re going to get a bigger penis, plus it will improve your sexual performance in the process.

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So the question now boils down to which one should you get, penis extenders or extensions?

There is no single correct answer because it depends entirely on what you need, so what works for one man may not work for you.

Just like when buying any type of sex enhancement product online, you have to take several factors into account including the following.

  • Discreet solution to penis length problems:

Whichever you order, make sure that the service is discreet so no one, not even your partner, will know what you’re doing.

Another advantage of using extenders is it can be done discreetly so your partner won’t know what you’re doing. Extensions in contrast, cannot be hidden.

  • Extenders and Extension May Differ.

If you want to get a harder erection you’re going to realize that both extenders and extension products offer benefits and solutions. But the extenders offer a more permanent solution than extensions.

If you’re looking for a short term solution, then extensions may be what you need right now – but it can only do so much.

In contrast, extenders provide a long term solution and you don’t have to depend on the extender forever because with regular use it will increase the length and girth of your penis and remain so permanently!

  • Consider The Cost:

Cost is always something that needs to be considered, but you don’t have to spend as much you used to. There was a time when these cock enhancers were so expensive, but thanks to competition the price has gone down to the point you can buy quality enhancers at an affordable rate.

  • Read reviews of the product and make sure there are positive testimonials.

At the same time you should never settle for extensions and extenders that are too cheap.

It’s normal to want to buy them cheap, but be wary if the price is too low because it all likelihood that’s a fake.

And when you’re searching for a male extender, buy only from the official website so you can avail of whatever discounts or money back guarantee the manufacturer offers.

The decision on whether to go with an extender or an extension also comes down to personal preference. Some men just opt for one over the other so in the end it’s really up to you.

The important thing is if you want to maintain erection there are now many options available, so you don’t have to worry about your performance and whether you’re able to satisfy your partner or not.

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