Comparison of the 3 Major Categories Of Penis Pumps

Penis Pumps Guide EDThis short penis pumps guide explains the differences between the 3 major types of penis pumps.

It also provides tips and advice on which one you should choose. (If you desire a much deeper exposition, read our penis pump guide here)

Erectile pump devices have become highly in demand lately, proof that penile pumps are getting the attention of men who have problems with their erection, or desire to have bigger manhood or both.

Erection problems are technically not a secret anymore because around 18% of American men are struggling with it and around 18 million of those are young guys, too young for many people to believe they have weak erection issues.

But this is the harsh reality of erectile problems:

It does not only affect the old but also the young, the vibrant, the men who have yet to fully enjoy their manhood.

The increasing popularity of penile pumps however is also breeding a lot of misconceptions about the product.

Many believe that these are one and the same regardless of where or why you buy it and what you plan to do with it.

This article aims to educate people, men in particular, so that they can make a wiser decision on which vacuum pump for ED or one to gain bigger and fatter cock or to help straighten curvature or those designed to treat peyronies diseases.

It’s also important that you understand how to buy them and how to maximize your purchase.

3 Major Kinds of Penis Pumps

There are three general types of vacuum erectile devices and each has its purpose and limitations. Understanding these limitations is the key to being happy with what you end up buying.

These types of pumps differ in price first and foremost, and then they also differ in function, use, features, quality, and reliability. The technology they use and its materials also differ.

This is also the reason why understanding your needs is as important as understanding the features of the penis pump you want and need to buy.

Read on and learn more about the differences of penis pumps that are out in the market today.

  1. The basic penis pump

Basic Penis Pumping Device
Basic Penis Pumping Device

Basic pumps are usually the ones sold in a more affordable price range. Of course this does not generally mean that these pumps are of poor quality and will unlikely provide results for you.

The first fact you need to acknowledge with basic penis vacuum is that they can only do one specific function.

For example most of these pumps can only address erectile dysfunction issues but may not be suitable for providing any long term penile size increase.

This limitation is not at all bad for some men as they only need to address ED problems.

For men who want to have bigger penis after repeated use of a penis pump, these pumps cannot cut it.

The price range of these vacuum pumps for impotence can go as low as $37 but it can also go as high as $470.

This will all depend on the brand (not all penis pumps are created equal), its quality, its inclusions in the box, added features, and its overall effectiveness and reliability.

Most of these pumps are manually operated. This means that the vacuum effect is achieved only by manipulating a handheld pump to force air out from the chamber, forcing the blood to be suctioned in by the porous tissue inside the penis.

However there is also battery operated units that have a built-in electric pump.

Even with the automated dick pumping, electrical devices can only perform one task and most of the time it is just to address impotence or general erection problems.

  1. Sophisticated pumps

With sophisticated pumps the capabilities of the device also goes up a notch higher. These pumps can provide dual benefits: treatment for ED, peyronies disease cure, straighten curvature  etc

For example some units are designed to correct the curving of the penis for those who have Peyronie’s Disease while also having the ability to draw blood effectively to correct the usual erection problems caused by ED.

Some of these pumps are also designed to help the penis gain some size increase in length and thickness while allowing users to enjoy a stiffer and stronger erection.

These pumps are so useful that these are one of the most popular pumps for male enhancement in the market today. Because of its dual use, these fetch a higher price than the basic pumps.

However your need will ultimately dictate if you will purchase a sophisticated pump. If you are suffering from two erection issues then it would be a great buy. If not, you are better off with the basic pump.

Sophisticated pumps can be manually operated, battery operated, and some are water assisted. The water assisted variant is the newest entrant in the family of vacuum pumps for erectile dysfunction. These pumps use water to produce the pressure inside the chamber.

What this means is a more uniformed distribution of pressure allowing the penis to be thoroughly engorged. Hydro pumps are also gentler on the penis therefore safer to use.

Sophisticated ED vacuum pump is generally worth your money. When buying one make sure that the chamber where you will be putting in your penis is transparent so that you can see your penis as you are pumping.

This is a safer way to build up the pressure inside. You can observe for discoloration or other signs that might demand adjustments for better results.

The most obvious lack of these pumps is that it has lesser inclusive parts in its packaging to better cater to other needs, including higher levels of ED treatment. For example, they may not be able to help a diabetic sufferer as much it the premiums discussed below.

  1. Premium pumps

Premium pumps are the best pumps available for men who have more serious ED and other sexual like need for permanent penile enlargement.

These pumps can be used to address almost all erectile problems in existence. It can simply start up an erection for men who just had a surgery in their prostate, or simply sustain an erection of a man who just wants to make love longer to his partner.

These pumps are so versatile that more often than not these are the last pumps you will ever buy.

Most of these pumps are made by respected manufacturers, and often make use of top of the line materials and features to make sure that your experience with it is nothing short of amazing.

Premium pumps are often the ones that are “clinically” tested by doctors and medical professionals so that these can be prescribed by doctors to their patients.

The study conducted by the British Journal of Urology International almost a decade ago use clinically approved premium pumps to study closely the effect of these penis vacuums.

It was the first study to be published about the matter with positive results. The recorded size increase is 0.30 cm for the 6-month long research.

Pumps categorized as “premium” often come with many additional parts and attachments that widen its use and application. The added parts also allow it to last longer than other pumps in the market today.

Quick release valves, pressure gauges, penile rings of various sizes, and other attachments that extend the life of the pumps are included in the box. It may fetch a higher price but it is worth every penny.

Most pumps in this category are water assisted, adopting a safer means to induce erection. Hydro pumps are also more private as it can be used in the bathroom while showering. This adds more convenience for users.

The pressure caused by the water in the chamber also allows for penis size growth minus the pain. This makes the pump more popular among men. It has all the advantages minus the discomfort of air pressure in a typical vacuum device.

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Why All Penis Pumps are Not the Same

The differences in pump specifications and categorization are not negative issues for these products. It is in fact good news for users as it allows them to choose better according to their budget, needs, and purpose.

Erectile dysfunction and other male sexual health issues are simply too wide for one all-in cure for ED pump. The careful study of penile pumps as presented in length in this article can help a lot in making the choice easier.

The truth is it is not just the pumps that succumb to variety. It is also the needs of men when it comes to their penile pumping.

Some simply want to boost their self confidence in bed by keeping their erection longer than they naturally can. Some just want to have an increase in size – in girth and length.

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Size is a major preoccupation among men. Some just want to have a decent erection after a surgery in the prostate (this can make it very hard to produce an erection), while others just want to have bigger erection, better than what their partners are used to.

The varying needs and the many penis pumps in the market may be too much for some except for those who are really desperate for a solution to their erection and penile problems.

Marrying needs with features of a dick pump is the key goal here. Understand your needs first, know what is important to you, and even imagine yourself using the pump so that you can really visualize what kind of vacuum device you might need.

It is very hard to shop for a pump when you do not even know what features you are looking for. Know your needs and understand your struggle with erectile dysfunction, only then you can best decide which pump is for you. And now – I hope — this summary helps you?

Maybe yes. May be now. Please I will be glad to hear your opinions or further guide you desire. Use the comment box below…

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