Penomet Review & Buyers Guide: Amazing penile pump designed for safe penis enlargement, Peyronies disease treatment, curvature straighten and gives you powerful erections & long-lasting sex dominance!

Penomet ReviewCan the Penomet pump really make your penis bigger? Uncover the truth in this review.

Few UNIQUE Benefits of Penomet Penis Pump:

  • Scientifically proven to permanently enlarge penis up to 3 inches length and 30% girth;
  • Hydro Water assisted, easy-to-use without injury;
  • Proven Peyronies disease treatment;
  • 1000s Curvature (bent penis) sufferers perfectly treated;
  • Natural erectile dysfunction (ed) cure;
  • May seriously energize erection, size and sexual stamina,

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Why so much rave about Penomet Pump?

The Penomet pump has been making waves online, and a lot of guys say it has made their penis bigger. But does Penomet really work?

The short answer is a big YES!

It does work, and with this pump you can gain up to 3 inches on your penis and increase the girth by 30%. If you’re still not convinced, this review will show you why guys are pumped up for this, so to speak.

Penomet Results – Core Features That Set It Different from Other Pumps

These dick pumps are different from the rest because of its design. To be more specific, the Penomet penis pump uses the Gaiter System so you can increase the pressure safely, comfortably and gradually.

The system has two components, and it has a scalable mechanism that makes it easier to manage compared to other penile pumps.

As this Penomet review will point out, it produces results (you will notice an in penile erection power) after just 15 minutes of use, and the more you use it the more you’ll be able to increase the width and girth.

That’s something every pump manufacturer can and does claim, but the Penomet reviews prove that these penis pumps do work.

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Penomet Gains – How it Works

To get the best Penomet results you should use it in water.

When applied, the pump generates an equal level of pressure and volume within the cylinder to ensure your penis increases both in length and girth.

As the pump compression stops, the cylinder valve closes, allowing the gaiter to expand allowing for uniform pressure application.

The dick pump comes with five interchangeable gaiters so you can increase your penis.

This pump doesn’t just provide versatility but speed as well: when compared with other traction devices this pump produces gains by more than 65%.

Penile Vacuum Pump Size

You can watch a Penomet video to see how it works, but it’s really simple: you select a detachable pressure gaiter.

For first time users it’s best to go with the lowest setting.

Hook up the gaiter on the cylinder and put the pump on your penis either in the shower or bath.

Start dick pumping and until a vacuum is produced.

Relax for a few seconds and pump again for 15 minutes. Increase the duration to 20 minutes when you’re used to it.

When you’re done, press the cylinder valve, and if you want to add more pressure just go for the more advanced gaiters.

You can use this pump with or without water, but it’s best if the unit is filled with warm water and pressed on your pelvic bone to produce the necessary pressure. Don’t worry about any excess water as that will be ejected from the valve.

The penispumpe doesn’t hurt at all, but it does feel strong and your erection feels natural.

There are many ways to use this device, and one of the simplest is to use a specific gaiter for a week, 15 minutes a day (you can increase this to 30 minutes a day 5 days a week when you’re used to it).

For instance, from weeks 1 to 4 you’re going to alternate Purple 60 with Blue 65 (week 1 it’s Purple, week 2 Blue, week 3 Purple and week 4 Blue). On weeks 5 and 6 you use Black 70 and Grey 75 and on week 7, alternate Red 80 and Grey 75.

This is just a sample routine and you can mix and match the gaiters as you please. Regardless of how you use the device, it doesn’t change the fact that you’ll get positive results.

Some guys prefer to use this in the shower while others do it in the bath, it really doesn’t matter.

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Does Penomet Work? Will This Really Increase My Penis?

Yes, this will make your dick bigger not just when erect but even when it’s flaccid. The penis pump will make a difference the first time you use it, but for permanent gains you have to use this for at least five days.

One of the things you’ll notice with other penis pumps is they rarely claim the results are permanent, but the Penomet gains are.

The longer you use this penis-pump the better off your penis will be. Provided you follow the instructions you’re going to get benefits both short and long term.

For the short term you’ll get a longer, harder penis for 8 hours, and after 3 months of continuous use you’re going to see your penis increase by 1 to 3 inches.

The pump works because it is based on established principles, and the vacuum it creates allows for enlargement of the penis.

Unlike other penis pumps however, the gains here will be permanent if used on a regular basis.

The increase in length is accompanied by girth expansion so it happens at the same time. Not only will you see your penis get longer, but it becomes thicker too.

Penomet Before and After – Is There Evidence This Pump Really Works?

Yes, there is, and proof of this is the number of certifications attesting to its quality. This is the only penis pump that has a CE marking, ensuring it meets the standards set by the EU.

Penimet Pumps Received Award for Excellence
The VENUS Award: One of the numerous awards of Excellence, Safety and Advancement won by Penomet Pumps. CLICK Here to See More Award Pictures

The pump is also SGS certified proving each device has been inspected, certified and verified by the organization.

This is also a certified RoHS Class 1 Product and conforms to the laws of the European Union, the United States and the EEA.

Furthermore, these penis-pumps are categorized as being toxin free and the cylinder -as well as the other parts- is 100% free of chemicals.

This pump also has ISO certification. Its ISO are ISO 13485:2003 and 900:2008, indicating its standards are of the same quality as those of medical devices and equipment.

This is in addition to published studies proving that penis extenders and pumps work.

In fact, Science Daily has posted an article indicating there are several case studies attesting to the efficiency of pumps and extenders.

Furthermore there are testimonials, penomet videos and penomet penis pump before and after photos proving the device works. Click here to read wonderful before and after stories.

Where to Buy Penomet Pump?

If you’re interested to buy penis pumps online here is another great reason we recommend this supreme quality brand: There is Penomet discount you can order at the official website.

There are three packages available:

  • The Standard Package: only $122, the package comes with the enlargement pump with Force 70, Silver Support access, 1 year warranty and discreet shipping.
  • The Extra Package: includes the enlargement pump with Force 70, Gaiters Force 65 & 75, 2 years warranty and access to Gold Support and discreet shipping.
  • Penomet Premium: available for $297, this package includes everything in the Extra package as well as all the gaiters such as the Force 60, Force 65, Force 70, Force 75 and the Force 80 Extreme. You also receive Lifetime Platinum Support, 3 years warranty and a comfort strap for use in the shower.

All of these products are covered by a money back guarantee and with detailed instructions. However you won’t be able to avail of the warranty or the refund policy if you order elsewhere.

Buy only from the official website and disregard all the cheap offers you see on other websites.

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Penomet Review and Conclusion

The number of guys who’ve been going online to buy Penomet has been increasing, and that’s understandable.

Unlike other pumps, this one has been scientifically verified and as pointed out, numerous certificates prove its potency.

Bottom line: if you want to add inches to your penis without any side effects, Penomet is the best choice.

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